Life at a US boarding school in the 1960s sounds not unlike the UK… “If…” anyone?

One of the key components of the Donald Trump origin story includes his time spent at the private boarding school New York Military Academy. As the popular imagination is keen to remind us, military school is the last resort for burnouts, brats, and junior sociopaths badly in need of discipline. Trump classmate Sandy McIntosh has written extensively about going to NYMA with him in the ’60s, and illustrates how the institution failed to curb the president’s predilection for bluster and impulsiveness, partly because he could get away with being a prick due to his dad’s hefty donations.

McIntosh paints the school as a den of cruelty and sadism, like a teen fight club. The abuse started with the administration, with majors beating up the cadets. The young Trump endured the abuse before he figured out how to curry his abuser’s favor.

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The progress factor: top comps beat independents

New analysis puts comprehensives on top, but private [boarding] schools insist that their high-achievers have less room to improve than their state-school peers.

Schools will receive their AS and A-level results next week after a nerve wracking wait.

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Boarding school finds evidence of sexual misconduct by former headmaster

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. — A private boarding school in Massachusetts says it has uncovered credible reports of sexual misconduct by a former headmaster that involved students. reports that Williston Northampton School in Easthampton sent a letter to the school community this week that said it had four firsthand reports that former headmaster Robert Ward “violated the standards of professional boundaries” during his tenure from 1972 until 1979.

Williston Northampton began investigating after another private school — The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut — said it had uncovered credible sexual assault reports involving Ward that dated to the 1960s.

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Durand boarding school closes down

The beleaguered free weekly boarding school on the former St Cuthmans site at Stedham has closed down after a three and a half year battle by the Durand Academy to build new facilities for inner city children.

Sir Greg Martin, chairman of governors of the Durand Academy Trust (DAT) told the Observer: “Sadly we have decided to close the boarding school because the Education Funding Agency (EFA) wouldn’t give us the money they promised. “We went on for three and a half years and tried our hardest. A dreadful campaign was waged to get the school closed. They stopped us getting planning permission and starved us of funding. It has been a shocking betrayal of the children.”

Campaigners against the boarding school said their fears about its viability had been proved right. Alasdair Nagle, local resident and member of the St Cuthman’s Campaign Group said: “The local community knew from the start this was an ill-conceived project in entirely the wrong location. Our fears about the viability of the boarding school have proved correct. In addition to the waste of taxpayers’ money, I feel most sorry for the pupils and their parents who have been misled all along by the school’s management.”

Fellow campaigner Adrian Hearle added: “I am very angry at the way Durand try to blame everyone but themselves for the failure of this deeply flawed project. In the letter to parents, they accuse the EFA of not releasing any of the £17.4m funding but fail to mention the reason was because Durand did not deliver on its side of the funding agreement to obtain the necessary planning permissions. The St Cuthmans site was always inappropriate for such a large scale greenfield development and if Durand had only spoken to the planners before purchase they would have realised this.”

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Separation anxiety disorder and boarding

Boarding schools have long been considered ‘psychopath factories’ in which abuse and humiliation are a fixture of daily life. Yet it is from these very institutions that many of our rulers have been selected.

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Durand Academy’s boarding school will close

Durand Academy Trust’s governing body has taken the “painful” decision to close its boarding school, blaming government officials for the move.


Boarding school discloses more sexual misconduct allegations

A prestigious Massachusetts boarding school says an investigation has found that two more former faculty members engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with students.

Phillips Academy in Andover’s head of school wrote in an email to the school community Monday that the alleged misconduct was found by an independent law firm hired by the school.

The school had previously identified five cases in the 1970s and 1980s in which former faculty members engaged in improper conduct with students.

Head of School John Palfrey says the latest investigation found that one male teacher allegedly had sexual intercourse with a female student during the 1970s. Another male faculty member allegedly “engaged in unwanted intimate touching” with a student during a school-sponsored activity.

The two former faculty members refused to participate in the investigation.

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Inquest to hear details of crash which killed rape charge boarding school headmaster

The circumstances which led a former headmaster to crash into a stationary lorry 48 hours before he was due to stand trial for a string of sex offences will be revealed tomorrow (Monday).

Graham Priest died on January 14, when the black Citroen C4 he was driving crashed at speed into a lorry legally parked in a layby on the Sheppey-bound A249 near Sittingbourne.

The following Monday the 54-year-old had been due to appear at Northampton Crown Court to face charges including raping a woman and indecently assaulting girls and women.

The alleged offences were said to have taken place in Northamptonshire between 1995 and 1998.

Priest, formerly of Peregrine Drive in Sittingbourne, had been headmaster of the Falcon Manor boarding School near Towcester. The school shut in 1999.

At tomorrow’s inquest at the Archbishop’s Palace in Maidstone, the coroner will hear evidence from police reports at the time of the crash and potentially other witnesses with important information to divulge.

In the aftermath of Priest’s death, a friend of two of his alleged victims told the Northants Telegraph they were disappointed that the trial would not be going ahead.


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Jewish boarding school in Gateshead branded ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted inspectors

Pupils at a Jewish boarding school where full background checks were not carried out on staff have been put at risk – inspectors have claimed.

The Yeshiva Lezeirim Preparatory Academy, in Gateshead, offers a year of schooling to Orthodox Jewish boys aged 15-16, aimed at preparing them for further study in aspects of the faith.

But a recent visit by Ofsted found that safeguarding arrangements were not good enough, and pupils weren’t making enough progress in non-religious aspects of the curriculum.

Inspectors examined both the teaching and education at the boarding school, and the quality of social care for the children who stay over in the boarding house, in separate inspections.

It was judged to be inadequate in both reports.

Policies intended to keep pupils safe did not meet national standards, inspectors found. Insufficient checks were made on staff background, meaning “the school may employ people who are not suitable to care for the pupils”.

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The drive to get children out of foster care and into boarding school

A government initiative aims to encourage more local authorities to send vulnerable young people to boarding schools. What’s the thinking behind it?

[Will this initiative succeed where others have failed. Does Boarding School Syndrome also impact looked-after children? Previous initiatives, going back to the 1970s have all failed…]

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