Life at a US boarding school in the 1960s sounds not unlike the UK… “If…” anyone?

One of the key components of the Donald Trump origin story includes his time spent at the private boarding school New York Military Academy. As the popular imagination is keen to remind us, military school is the last resort for burnouts, brats, and junior sociopaths badly in need of discipline. Trump classmate Sandy McIntosh has written extensively about going to NYMA with him in the ’60s, and illustrates how the institution failed to curb the president’s predilection for bluster and impulsiveness, partly because he could get away with being a prick due to his dad’s hefty donations.

McIntosh paints the school as a den of cruelty and sadism, like a teen fight club. The abuse started with the administration, with majors beating up the cadets. The young Trump endured the abuse before he figured out how to curry his abuser’s favor.

NY Daily News

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