The difference is the distance

In many countries, Australia included, boarding is almost a necessity for some children due to their remote locations on farms and stations.

Here is an interesting story of a preteen who decided on boarding for herself. Unlike so many children in the UK for whom the decision is made for them, or they must agree to please their parents.

Going off to boarding school at 12 years old is no small feat, but Phoebe Sneath is taking it in her stride.

The avid gymnast from the small town of Port MacDonnell, near Mt Gambier in South Australia, discovered that alongside the gymnastics program at Methodist Ladies’ College in Melbourne, there was also a boarding house.

From that moment, “I had my heart set on studying here,” Phoebe said.

The Year 7 student acknowledged it was a big decision for her to move to MLC.

The decision was all up to me, and my parents were very supportive,” she said.

I live on a farm, so moving to the city was a big change.””

The Weekly Times (Australia)