About Us

We offer support to former boarders and boarding school survivors.

We speak out on boarding school issues.

  • support former boarders and maybe signpost them to other support services
  • support and advise those caring for boarders today, (including their parents and boarding school staff)
  • speak out on boarding issues
  • and the protection of children from harm
  • hold conferences
  • distribute publications, including our regular newsletter
  • respond to news media and research enquiries

It all started in June 2001.

Nick Duffell of Boarding School Survivors (BSS) presented a Mental Health seminar about boarding school syndrome.

Nick and James Foucar, an attendee, met for tea afterwards at the British Library.

James wanted to create a new organisation to support former boarders coming to terms with their boarding experience.

And act as a focal point raising awareness of what today we call boarding school syndrome.

James based his idea on his experiences working with other adult survivor support organisations.

Nick put out a call to his network.

James recruited the start up team.

Boarding Concern launched in December 2002.

Today, Boarding Concern continues to grow, with over 350 supporters.

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