How many boarding school closures? Answer inside…

Nick Duffell, our keynote speaker at this years Conference, started his Boarding School Survivors workshops in 1990.

In that year, of 60 boarding prep schools, how many were still around five years later?

Only 28 were left in 1995…

And since forming Boarding Concern in 2002, 74 independent boarding schools have closed in England.

(Sources: 60/28 comes from a 1995 marketing survey by a now-defunct boarding prep school. The 74 figure from government figures.)

Brighton conference – Boarding School: Surviving the Syndrome

Great to see so many old friends and new at today’s event at the University of Brighton. Thanks to the organisers, the hosts, the presenters and the attendees. Especially the new ones.

Here we are arriving and getting settled. More news and photos to follow…

Next Boarding Concern Conference

For those attending the University of Brighton-organised conference this Saturday, we look forward to seeing you there. The conference is fully booked with a long waiting list.

We hope to announce a date for the next Boarding Concern Conference in 2018 in the next few days. Please check back here for the announcement. If you would like to be one of the first to hear, please use the Contact Us form and ask us to add you to our mailing list.

Boarding Concern Directors

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse takes Truth Project to London

The Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, gives individuals who experienced sexual abuse in childhood an opportunity to tell a representative of the Inquiry anything that they wish to tell us.

Victims and survivors of child sexual abuse are being invited to share their experiences with the Truth Project in London from October.

The Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, gives individuals who experienced sexual abuse in childhood an opportunity to tell a representative of the Inquiry anything that they wish to tell us.

The Inquiry was set up to investigate whether public bodies or other non-state institutions failed in their duty to protect children from sexual abuse. Information gathered in Truth Project sessions is anonymous and will feed into the Inquiry’s recommendations to the government about how institutions can better protect children in the future.


Boarding School Survivors offers a Post-Graduate Diploma in Specialist Psychotherapy with former boarders this year

Boarding School Survivors runs another The Un-making of Them, their
Post-Graduate Diploma in Specialist Psychotherapy with former boarders, starting 20 May 2017.

You can find full details about the dates, costs and venue on their website at Boarding School Survivors. They ask for a deposit of £200 to reserve a place.

Please email Lyn Jones, their Administrator, so she can hold you a place pending acceptance.

Save the Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017

University of Brighton @ Falmer – Saturday, 9 September 2017

A conference for psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health workers, boarding school survivors and other interested people.

Conference overall aims are to:

  • Present key aspects of what has been published about the psychological and other effects of boarding.
  • Explore helpful therapeutic approaches for clients who are former boarders.
  • Consider current research and a possible agenda for future research
  • Enable networking amongst those interested in this important topic

More details including speakers here in early 2017. (Please note: this event is being organised independently of Boarding Concern.)

Boarding Concern at the Independent Schools Show 2016

No, we didn’t have a stand but we have been to this year’s event in London.

We went to hear what the boarding industry had to say. We also spoke with parents to hear their thoughts on boarding.

We heard the usual platitudes about “modern” boarding. How boarding has changed from what “we” went through. “Modern” boarders tell us it hasn’t changed, boarding is still boarding. Trauma, separation, abandonment and bereavement of homesickness are still the same. Some things never change. And boarders are not sick of home. It is boarding school that makes them sick. They are schoolsick.

We attended this talk in the Education Theatre. We will post a write-up shortly. But we never did find out who these “experts” are who claim boarding “can strengthen the family unit“…



Can I Start Again Please

Can I Start Again Please

Sue MacLaine Company
6 – 18 Jun | 8pm

Total Theatre Award Winner 2015
‘Challenging, devastating and devastatingly good’ ★★★★ The Guardian

Coming to Battersea Arts Centre following critical acclaim at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015, this meditative and moving performance investigates childhood trauma and, ultimately, how we might find techniques to cope.

The show examines the power of language, as well as its failings. Why does language conceal as much as it reveals? Parallel narratives told in English and British Sign Language intersect, diverge and build to create a mesmerising mix of verbal, visual and physical performance.

★★★★ The Times

Book Here