Boarding Today

On the eve of our 2018 Conference, we received this message from a mother:

“Hello I am writing to thank you for your website.

Your articles and information about Boarding School Syndrome helped put into words and flesh out the different nagging feelings I had as a mother as we considered secondary schooling for our 10 year old son.

At the time he was attending a prep school as a day boy but at 11 all boys start to board and are then on a conveyor belt towards top boarding schools.

We duly visited some of those boarding schools but I felt torn inside. In the end our financial circumstances changed due to my husbands change of job and this steered our choice.

We took our son out of the prep school at the end of year 6 and he started a truly excellent day school for Year 7. Having read the information on your website it made the change of course so much easier.

I knew it was definitely the right thing for us as parents and for our son.

I’m delighted to say he is now thriving at his new school, representing his school in Football, Rugby, cricket and debating. He’s made super friends and is doing very well academically.

What more can a parent ask?

He comes home at nightexpresses himself emotionally, vents, is heard, listened to and then finds calm most of the time. I am so grateful that as parents we are there for him to guide him, nurture him and advise him.

Thank you again for your website which helped me make an important internal shift at a crucial time. I don’t mind you quoting me but only anonymously.

I wanted you to know that your website helped in our journey, even though I wasn’t looking for your website! It appeared in a Google search and caught my attention.

My husband, father, father-in law, uncle etc etc all boarded and I see the emotional cost for all of them, though they certainly gained in other ways.”

With gratitude…”