Towards Recovery

Step One
We cannot reverse what we learnt under hot-house pressure without first recognising the symptoms and causes of the problem.

  • This is a crucial first step.
  • Reading this website can help you.
  • If you’ve got this far … congratulations!

Step Two
Moving from Survival into Living mode is not easy and is rarely done effectively without help. This is because former boarders have built either a Strategic Survival Personality or Boarding School Syndrome.

This is a very effective protector in childhood and will not easily lessen its control on you. You will need support to feel safe enough to let down your guard, before re-learning ways of living a “normal” life outside current institutions, such as the work environment.

However, with the right help, a commitment to understanding why you had to survive in the way you did, and dedication to substituting more healthy behaviours, a way through may beckon.

With awareness of the suffering and its causes in place, recovery is possible – and has innumerable benefits.

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