Learning & Development

Learning & Development for counsellors and psychotherapists

Working therapeutically with former boarders/boarding school survivors can be particularly demanding.

We recommend you check out the Resources section of our website. Particularly the books about boarding and the documentary, The Making of Them, can help set the scene between the child boarder and the adult client.

Order a copy of  Nick Duffell & Thurstine Basset (2016): Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege; A guide to therapeutic work with boarding school survivorsRoutledge and Amazon.

Another useful book aimed at therapists is: Joy Schaverien (2015) Boarding School Syndrome: The Psychological Trauma of the ‘Privileged’ ChildRoutledge and Amazon.

Boarding School Survivors run specialist post-graduate diploma training for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. The training courses are not available every year, so please contact them for more information or to express your interest.