Head of Prince Charles’ former boarding school asks ex-pupils to come forward if they suffered abuse

The principal of Prince Charles’ former boarding school has called on ex-pupils to come forward if they suffered abuse as children.

Gordonstoun have contacted more than 3000 old students and urged them to speak out if they were ever victims.

Senior staff took the action after allegations of abuse surfaced at the junior school two years ago.

The £33,000-a-year boarding school near Elgin, Moray, was one of several Scottish private schools named by judge Lady Smith, who is heading the national inquiry into historical child abuse.

Prince Charles hated his time at the school so much that he dubbed it “Colditz in kilts”.

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Gordonstoun school asks former pupils if they were abused

A leading private school with links to the royal family has contacted more than 3,000 former pupils asking them to report evidence of abuse they may have suffered during their time there.

Allegations of historical abuse at Gordonstoun junior school emerged two years ago.

Prince Charles is a former pupil at the boarding school, near Lossiemouth in Moray, and disliked his time there so much he described it as being like “Colditz in kilts”.

It is one of a number of independent schools in Scotland named by Lady Smith, the judge who is conducting a national inquiry into historical abuse in the country.

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Ex-Gordonstoun teacher appears in court on historic boarding school child sex claims

A former teacher at an historic Scottish boarding school has been accused of child sex crimes dating back to the 1980s.

Andrew Keir has appeared in court charged with acting in a lewd, indecent and lustful manner to two 13-year-old pupils at Gordonstoun.

Over a five-month period in the school’s private swimming pool, Keir allegedly removed his swimming trunks in front of children, exposed himself and pulled down the swimming shorts of other youngsters.

The retired physics teacher, now 65, is also accused of showering naked with the children, touching them inappropriately and making sexual remarks.

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