Famous Scottish boarding schools named in child abuse inquiry

More coverage of the Scottish boarding schools sex abuse investigations:

Some of Scotland’s most prestigious private schools, including the alma maters of the Prince of Wales and Tony Blair, are to be investigated as part of a national child abuse inquiry.

Gordonstoun near Elgin, attended by Prince Charles, and Fettes College in Edinburgh, where Mr Blair was a pupil, are among 100 locations where historical abuse is alleged to have taken place.

The Telegraph

Two top public schools attended by Prince Charles and Tony Blair are being investigated by a major national inquiry into child abuse.

Gordonstoun, the alma mater of the heir to the throne, and Fettes College – where the former Labour Prime Minister was a pupil – both feature in the statutory probe.

Other private schools under investigation include Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, Loretto School in Musselburgh and Morrison’s Academy in Crieff.

The boarding schools are being probed as part of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry into more than 60 residential care establishments which have been identified as sites of alleged child abuse or neglect.

Daily Mail

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse – officially opens today

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse for England and Wales started officially today.

We welcome the Inquiry finally getting under way and the announcement of the Victims and Survivors’ Consultative Panel.  We know some of the Panel members and we wish them well in their work, representing those of us who survived child sexual abuse.

We also recognise that most ongoing abuse of children in boarding schools is not specifically sexual.  The rupturing of attachments and the absence of love, creating what is now known as Boarding School Syndrome are among the issues.  These fall outside the remit of this Inquiry but we at Boarding Concern will continue to highlight them.

Campaigning QC to lead sex abuse inquiry?

Michael Mansfield QC, a leading barrister has agreed to lead the Government’s child sexual abuse inquiry if asked.

Please support this petition asking the Home Secretary to appoint Michael Mansfield QC to lead the inquiry.

We don’t know the full terms of reference for this inquiry yet.  It seems it will examine abuses in public institutions (which might not include private boarding schools).

We will keep you posted when we know more…